Accounting & Financial Services

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Accounting & Financial Services

Praestans offers a comprehensive range of accounting and financial services.  We work with companies both domestically and internationally, from a wide range of industries, that take on a variety of business structures.

Our services not only help organizations identify and address their current financial and accounting needs, but we also engage in strategic business planning with our clients to place them in the most advantageous position for sustainable future growth.  Clients retain us to examine their financial condition, accounting and financial systems, assist in M&A due diligence, internal control review, and management reporting.  We help businesses gather data, enter transactions, and deliver financial reports and bookkeeping that is accurate, up-to-date, and tax ready.

Bookkeeping Services

  1. Setting up chart of accounts
  2. Setting up software and tools
  3. Reviewing bank transactions
  4. Reviewing credit card transactions
  5. Reconciling bank and credit card transactions
  6. Processing payroll
  7. Issuing 1099 forms
  8. Processing of accounts payable and receivable

As your business grows, we are in a position to offer you complementary accounting advisory services that are designed to help you meet the accrual accounting standard, including the production of standardized monthly materials which facilitate the alignment of your financial goals and planning with the operation of your business.

Accounting and CFO Advisory

  1.  Internal controls
  2.  Financial reports
  3.  Financial forecasting
  4.  Budgeting
  5.  Developing KPIs
  6.  Cash flow management and analysis

Praestans will take the time to understand what matters most to you so that our team collaborates seamlessly with our international network to develop efficient and innovative financial solutions.

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