Fund Administration

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Fund Administration

Praestans services a full spectrum of private funds, including real estate, private equity, and hedge funds.  Our professionals have extensive experience forming, managing, administering, and advising private funds.  Our firm offers a host of administration services to existing funds, and Praestans is highly specialized at developing a comprehensive suite of tailored services for clients that engage us to engineer initial fund formation.  We do not shy away from administering and designing less conventional vehicles and fund structures based on a client’s particular needs.

Praestans is well suited to translate requirements into value-added outputs, whether it is drafting complex investor statements or providing automated back-office services like AML/KYC compliance.

Key Fund Administration Services

  1. Maintenance of books and records
  2. Weekly Net Asset Value (“NAV”) estimates
  3. Monthly master and feeder NAV calculations
  4. Fee calculations
  5. Price verification
  6. Allocation of profits and losses
  7. Accounting for portfolio investments
  8. Permanence measurement
  9. Computation of waterfall
  10. Work paper preparation
  11. Financial reporting

Fund administration that is well-tailored and seamless lies at the core of the experience we strive to offer our clients.

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