Crypto Currency- Tax Planning, Accounting & Fund Formation

Crypto Currency- Tax Planning, Accounting & Fund Formation | Praestans Global Advisors

Crypto Currency- Tax Planning, Accounting & Fund Formation

Praestans provides tax planning, accounting, and comprehensive consulting services to both domestic and international companies in the digital asset space.  The emergence of cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and blockchains has created a need for companies to engage professional service providers that are well-informed and up to date on the real-time developments in this rapidly evolving field.  Praestans serves firms that provide digital asset financial services, which include activity such as mining and staking, and launching token projects.  We are uniquely experienced in advising clients that express interest in exploring novel opportunities as they present themselves within this growing industry.

Praestans offers a variety of tax services tailored to cryptocurrency, including cryptocurrency investment transaction reconciliations (capital gain and loss reports), tax planning, tax compliance, and tax return preparation.  Our firm leverages our professional experience and knowledge to provide our clients with tax-saving strategies alongside administrative and reporting capabilities. Praestans is experienced in creation of cryptocurrency funds for accounting practices.  We consult in structuring international mining operations for tax efficiency, and we design tax-efficient strategies for both domestic and international funds. 

Praestans also offers accounting and consulting services during entity selection, domicile selection, and the structuring process. After the company has been formed, Praestans provides accounting services tailored to the digital asset industry, from full-service business management and bookkeeping to management consulting, with a unique capability to accurately manage high volume transactions, including related Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) and Know Your Customer (“KYC”) challenges.

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