Domestic & International Business Consulting

Domestic & International Business Consulting | Praestans Global Advisors

Domestic & International Business Consulting

In an increasingly globalized economy, businesses require innovative, well-coordinated, global solutions.  Our consulting services are focused on client compliance with legal, regulatory, tax, and accounting requirements in whichever markets a client seeks to operate.  We pride ourselves on designing business structures that are optimally efficient in capturing financial and tax planning opportunities available to our clients.

Companies and entrepreneurs have numerous considerations when opening and managing international businesses and operating in foreign markets, which usually involves identifying and satisfying contemporaneousness compliance standards across jurisdictions. Praestans offers a sophisticated approach to planning entity formation and business expansion that is sensitive to the delicate nuances inclusive of differences in cultural business customs, currencies, foreign legal entities, and corresponding business entity structures.

Whether a company grows domestically, or expands into foreign markets, development that is sustainable becomes a complex undertaking which requires strategic business planning.  Praestans has developed a global network of professionals designed to deliver customized services to our clients, which provides us with a unique ability to guide companies across global markets.  We take the lead in coordinating with professionals in multiple jurisdictions to provide global solutions that achieve optimal outcomes for our clients.

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