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Praestans | Customized Fund Administration

Fund managers frequently experience a lack of coordination between their legal, accounting, and fund administration services. Often fund managers receive a preset of services that are not customized to their fund, are faced with minimum service prices, and experience long response times from each set of professionals. We provide cohesive services amongst professionals customized to the needs of our clients.  This provides our clients with the best services that are tailored to our clients’ needs.

While we are not a law firm or CPA firm, our team’s background includes legal, accounting, and business consulting experience. Through related entities, we are able to provide technical fund structuring advice, accounting for fund operations, fund administration services including customized statements to investors, and accurate interpretation and accounting of the funds waterfall.  

By closely coordinating legal, accounting, and fund administration, our clients do not experience the telephone problem where the accountant tells the fund manager to talk to legal, legal points to fund administration, and the fund manager is left to interpret the information received while experiencing long delays. Fund managers need to be responsive to their investors, this should not be put at issue due to the delays and lack of coordination of the professionals they engage.

We understand the importance of being responsive to fund managers, ensuring the work is completed accurately and on a timely basis, and coordinating with the necessary professionals for efficient results. We are able to provide this solution while having the feel of dealing with a single platform.

Praestans Global Advisors is neither a law firm nor a CPA firm.

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