Customized Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence Services

Customized Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence Services

In the acquisition of a business, it is important the buyer has a clear understanding of the target’s financial, commercial, operational, technical, human capital, and tax condition. Too often, certain parts of the due diligence do not receive the attention required, either because the firm performing the due diligence does not have the necessary background, or there is a lack of coordination among professionals in different fields of expertise. This is a critical opportunity for the buyer to learn of issues with the target as the nonidentification of key issues will have a financial impact down the road for the buyer.

We bring the needed team together including professionals with legal, financial, accounting, and consulting backgrounds. This results in a streamlined efficient due diligence process where the necessary professionals are collaboratively working together to support the buyer through the mergers and acquisitions life cycle from pre-deal efforts through post-transaction integrations.

Through our depth of experience, our professionals have uncovered issues between a target’s Form 10-K SEC filings and their tax filings, their tax filings and financial statements, and operational deficiencies and hidden liabilities. The buyer utilizes our due diligence to determine whether the deal should continue, the risk requires a holdback or reduction in purchase price, or the risk is minimal, and the deal will continue as planned.

The goal of our due diligence is to ensure the buyer is acquiring the target with limited risk. Our team conducts due diligence to identify transaction value drivers, improve mergers and acquisitions deal structures, and mitigate risks.

Praestans Global Advisors is neither a law firm nor a CPA firm.

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